Engaging the Gospel – Luke 5:1-11

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C): Gospel – Luke 5:1-11

Despite the fact that Simon Peter had failed to catch a single fish after spending all night at sea, he obediently followed Jesus’ instruction to “put out into the deep water,” and was amazed at the miraculous number of fish bursting within his nets. As a result, he grasped the significance of Who Jesus is:

Faced with God’s fascinating and mysterious presence, man discovers his own insignificance….Before the divine signs wrought by Jesus, Peter exclaims, ‘Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord’ (Catechism paragraph 208).

The term “Lord” itself encompasses the name of God:

Out of respect for the holiness of God, the people of Israel do not pronounce His Name. In the reading of Sacred Scripture, the revealed name (Yhwh) is replaced by the divine title ‘Lord’ (209).

The New Testament uses this full sense of the title ‘Lord’ both for the Father and – what is new – for Jesus, Who is thereby recognized as God Himself (446).

By attributing to Jesus the divine title ‘Lord,’ the first confessions of the Church’s faith affirm from the beginning that the power, honor, and glory due to God the Father are due also to Jesus (449).

Question for reflection: When have I found unexpected joy in doing God’s will?