Prayer Corner

Here is the archive of the ongoing series of posts on the fourth and final pillar of the Catechism, exploring the divine conversation of prayer.

But first, you may wonder, “Why pray?”

Pope Francis directly addresses this question that sometimes insinuates itself into our minds. The answer is twofold: prayer yields a harvest of blessings, while failure to pray inevitably leads to problems in our spiritual life.

The most important task in life is to pray, not to pray with many words…but to pray with the heart…to gaze upon the Lord, to listen to the Lord, and to ask the Lord for what we need…Prayer can work miracles in the midst of problems and even calamity…

Praying in difficult situations is like opening the door to the Lord, in order that He might enter…The Lord knows how to put things back in order…When we don’t pray, we close the door to the Lord.

Daily Meditation of October 8, 2013.

We then fill that void in all of the wrong ways:

When we do not adore God, we adore creatures…We all have an idol hidden within us. We might ask ourselves before God: ‘what is my hidden idol, what occupies the Lord’s place in my heart?’

Daily Meditation of October 15, 2013.

Describing prayer as our “greatest power,” Francis encourages us:

We must never tire of knocking at the door of God’s heart and asking for help.

Daily Meditation of November 16, 2013.