Life in Christ

Here is the archive of posts on the Catechism’s third pillar on moral living, “Life in Christ.”

To lead off, a quote from Pope Francis’ encyclical Lumen Fidei (“Light of Faith”):

It is in the light of faith, of complete entrustment to the God who saves, that the Ten Commandments take on their deepest truth, as seen in the words which introduce them: ‘I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt’ (Ex 20:2).

The Decalogue is not a set of negative commands, but concrete directions for emerging from the desert of the selfish and self-enclosed ego in order to enter into dialogue with God, to be embraced by his mercy and then to bring that mercy to others. Faith thus professes the love of God, origin and upholder of all things, and lets itself be guided by this love in order to journey towards the fullness of communion with God.

The Decalogue appears as the path of gratitude, the response of love, made possible because in faith we are receptive to the experience of God’s transforming love for us. And this path receives new light from Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount (cf. Mt 5-7).

Lumen Fidei, 46