Engaging the Gospel – Mark 10:17-30

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B): Gospel – Mark 10:17-30

In today’s Gospel, the young man seemed so eager to ask Jesus about gaining eternal life. But his attachment to his material possessions proved a stumbling block. When given the opportunity to commit himself radically to Jesus, he chose his wealth instead.

The young man’s reaction brings up a larger point about discipleship. We’re not all called to give up everything. Yet we are called to put the Lord first in all things, including the use of our goods. If our lives revolve around consumerism, we’re actually putting wealth first, in place of God.

“Detachment from riches is necessary for entering the Kingdom of heaven” (Catechism paragraph 2556). Hence “the Lord grieves over the rich because they find their consolation in the abundance of goods” (2547).

“Jesus enjoins His disciples to prefer Him to everything and everyone,” to enter into what the Catechism describes as “poverty of heart” (2544):

All Christ’s faithful are to direct their affections rightly, lest they be hindered in their pursuit of perfect charity by the use of worldly things and by an adherence to riches which is contrary to the spirit of evangelical poverty.

— Catechism paragraph 2545.

Question for reflection: In what ways am I too attached to material things?