Misapprehensions about Prayer

Based upon Catechism paragraphs 2725-2728:

Although prayer is simple, it still requires an effort on our part to respond to the loving God Who calls us to Himself. This often involves a struggle to overcome our own weaknesses and difficulties, including faulty notions of prayer that can get in the way.

If we are obsessed with productivity, prayer can seem like just another item to be checked off our “to do” list, or even a waste of time. And because we live in an entertainment culture, surrounded by a constant flood of sounds and images, we may well find prayer boring.

But such views miss the point of prayer.

It is not merely a mental activity on our part, for us to measure its usefulness or evaluate whether it gives us pleasure in this earthly life. Rather, prayer is a true correspondence with the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Through prayer we consent to open ourselves up to God, Who accomplishes what He wills within us, and works to transform our souls, pouring His grace into us and making us fit for heaven.

For that reason, we must not become discouraged or disillusioned by what we might think of as failure in prayer. As long as we continue to make the effort, and keep trying again if we fall off in our prayer life from time to time, God delights in us.