Thy Will Be Done

When we ask that God’s will be done, do we feel a sense of hesitancy, as if bracing for something that runs counter to our own interests?

But we need never fear God’s will, if we truly understood what He intends for us — the absolute best gift of eternal salvation. God wants us all to be saved, to experience the joy of His love both now and in everlasting life.

To accomplish this plan, God sometimes does not prevent bad things from happening. When He allows us to go through adversity, it is because He will transform that suffering into a spiritual good, for ourselves or for others.

This is not merely pious theory, for Jesus lived it out Himself. The Son was so radically committed to the Father’s will, that He even embraced death on the Cross. Out of that agony came the Resurrection, and our redemption.

In union with Jesus’ own prayer, and through the Holy Spirit, we too are empowered to seek and to accept the Father’s will. That divine will reigns supreme in heaven, where all is bliss. If each one of us did God’s will, earth would be much more like heaven.

For more, see Catechism paragraphs 2822-27.