The Lord’s Prayer

Jesus Himself taught us to say the “Our Father.” Accordingly called the “Lord’s Prayer,” it is an extraordinary gift to us: the very words that flow from the Son’s heart, we now make our own.

Moreover, we have received the Holy Spirit, Who cries “Abba! Father!” within us, and empowers us to pray in spirit and truth.

Thus when we say the Our Father, we are not merely to parrot the familiar phrases as though on auto-pilot. Rather, let us be enveloped in the love of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Let us also be mindful of our place in the communion of saints, who have said this prayer with devotion down through the ages.

Ever present in the Church’s liturgy from the beginning, the Our Father “is truly a summary of the whole Gospel” (Catechism paragraph 2761), and we will examine its petitions in the weeks to come.

For more, see Catechism paragraphs 2759-76.