Engaging the Gospel – Matthew 14:22-33

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Gospel – Matthew 14:22-33

Sunday’s Gospel “concerns the most important problem of human life: faith in Jesus Christ,” as St. John Paul II reflected:

Peter walked on the waves of the lake, even though it was against the laws of gravity, because he was looking Jesus in the eye.

But then Peter took his eyes off Jesus, and when he instead focused on the strong wind, he grew afraid.

When he doubted, when he lost personal contact with the Master, he began to sink.

…It was not the wind that made Peter sink into the lake but the insufficiency of his faith. Peter’s faith had lacked one essential element — complete abandonment to Christ, total trust in him at the moment of great trial.

The lake symbolizes our world, which at times is

something threatening, it is true; but someone who lives by faith and hope has in himself the power of the Spirit to face the dangers of this world.

It is vital that we have a “personal bond with Christ,” which must be “constantly renewed and deepened…above all by prayer.”

Just as “Christ freed Peter from the fear which had seized him on the stormy lake,” even so

Christ enables us too to overcome the difficult moments in life, if with faith and hope we turn to Him and ask His help…Do not be afraid of Christ! Trust Him completely! …Christ never lets us down!

— quotes rearranged from Address of June 3, 1997.

Question for reflection: When have I chosen to trust in the Lord, despite my fears?