Engaging the Gospel – Matthew 13:44-52

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Gospel – Matthew 13:44-52

Jesus “Himself is the treasure; communion with Him is the pearl of great price,” as Pope Benedict XVI explains:

The new proximity of the Kingdom of which Jesus speaks – the distinguishing feature of His message – is to be found in Jesus Himself. Through Jesus’ presence and action, God has here and now entered actively into history in a wholly new way…In Jesus it is God Who draws near to us.

Jesus of Nazareth, Vol. 1, pp. 60-61.

But are we really willing to follow the Lord’s parables to their conclusion, recognize Him as our treasure, and let nothing get in the way of our relationship with Him?

“The parable demands the collaboration of the learner…Especially in the case of parables that affect and transform their personal lives, people can be unwilling” to take the point to heart.

Jesus “has to lead us to the mystery of God – to the light that our eyes cannot bear and that we therefore try to escape” (p. 192).

“He shows us through everyday things who we are and what we must therefore do. He conveys knowledge that makes demands upon us…

“It is a knowledge that enriches us with a gift…But equally it is an exacting knowledge…The possibility of refusal is very real” (p. 193).

Question for reflection: Do I sometimes take the “pearl of great price” for granted?