Engaging the Gospel – Matthew 13:1-23

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Gospel – Matthew 13:1-23

The Parable of the Sower

“Christianity is the religion of the ‘Word’ of God, not a written and mute word, but incarnate and living” (Catechism paragraph 108).

Jesus, the Eternal Word made flesh, describes this mystery in the Parable of the Sower.

“In the parables,” as Pope Benedict XVI has noted, “Jesus is not only the sower who scatters the seed of God’s word, but also the seed that falls into the earth in order to die and so to bear fruit,” through His Cross and Resurrection (Jesus of Nazareth, Vol. 1, p. 191).

God’s word can take root and bear fruit in our lives, but only if we are open and receptive, and allow it to work within us.

Benedict commented upon this dynamic relationship in Verbum Domini:

Every man and woman appears as someone to whom the word speaks, challenges and calls to enter this dialogue of love through a free response.

Each of us is thus enabled by God to hear and respond to His word. We were created in the word and we live in the word; we cannot understand ourselves unless we are open to this dialogue.

 Verbum Domini, 22.

But at the same time,

The word of God also inevitably reveals the tragic possibility that human freedom can withdraw from this covenant dialogue with God for which we were created. The divine word also discloses the sin that lurks in the human heart.

Quite frequently in both the Old and in the New Testament, we find sin described as a refusal to hear the word, as a breaking of the covenant and thus as being closed to God who calls us to communion with Himself. Sacred Scripture shows how man’s sin is essentially disobedience and refusal to hear.

Verbum Domini, 26.

Question for reflection: How might I allow the Word to bear greater fruit in my life?