Year of Faith

While this was originally written last fall as a preview of the Year of Faith, it may still be helpful to post as a reminder, and as a check-up on our personal progress.

It is a summary of Pope Benedict XVI’s Apostolic Letter Porta Fidei, “Door of Faith,” announcing this special year:

  • All of us are at various stages on a journey of faith that lasts a lifetime.
  • Essential to this journey is our encounter with the person of Jesus Christ.
  • To help us on our journey of faith, Pope Benedict XVI has proclaimed a Year of Faith, calling us to discover anew the richness of our Catholic faith, and to re-commit ourselves to Christ.
  • This special year began October 11, 2012 – the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council, and the 20th anniversary of the publication of the Catechism – and ends November 24, 2013, the Solemnity of Christ the King.
  • The Year of Faith has three principal aims: to encourage us to profess the faith, to enhance our celebration of the faith at Mass, and to strengthen our daily living out of the faith.
  • Our whole being is involved: our minds are engaged in the profound intellectual heritage of Catholicism; our souls are uplifted through the liturgy; and our hearts grow in love toward God and active charity to our neighbor.
  • We come to appreciate ever more deeply that faith is a gift from God, and we ask Him for the grace to increase our faith.
  • Faith is not simply a private matter, but requires a public commitment: “Faith is choosing to stand with the Lord.”
  • Let us experience in our own lives the power of faith, which has been illustrated by the Blessed Virgin Mary, the apostles, martyrs, saints, and the People of God down through the ages.

Live Your Faith

Develop a personal game plan for your faith. Take a faith inventory: what is strong about your faith life? What needs more work? Entrust this Year of Faith to Our Lord, asking him to guide you and to make this a fruitful, grace-filled time.